i think, i don´t blog on my „personal“ blog anymore. i didn´t blog for a long time now. its so boring to blog there and i´m not really happy with my wood of secrets.

It´s sunday and i´m so tired today. i waked up at 4 a.m. ! 4 in the night. I couldn´t sleep. I listened music for 2 hours, then i watched tv.

uhh..today i ate a lot. i don´t know why. actually i want to reduce my wight for 5-6 kg.

well. maybe i will blog again in few days


like every girl, i think XD i really love the new collection from h&m. this store is one of my favourite stores, because they have good fashion for good prices. and the new catalogue is very beautiful.

this pictures i took from the new catalogue. i want to by this nice bag in the first picture and the long jacket/coat in the second picture. And i need a new haircolor XD i think, brown hair is very boring. maybe i´ll make my hair like the women in the catalogue. still brown, but with blonde highlights. Yeah ~ thats a graet idea.

look. i want to have this pretty dress and the shirt, too. stars like mary-kate olsen or vanessa hudgens wear shirts like the red one.

(c) pictures: all from the h&m catalogue.

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